Euro 2012 Predictor Challenge

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Our good friends at William Hill have helped us bring our Free Footy Tips members a corker of a challenge, with some prizes for those who step up to the mark.

In our Euro 2012 Predictor Challenge, simply predict the correct scores for each match in the Euro 2012 tournament. We will then award points for those correctly predicting the score, there are also some points if you predict the outcome (even if the number of goals is not correct). Here’s how to get points:

William Hill Sports10 Points for correct score – example: predict 3-0 and if the result is indeed 3-0 then you get 10 points
4 points for guessing a draw – example: if you predict 2-2 and the actual score is 1-1 you will get 4 points
6 points if you get the wrong score, but you correctly predict the win – example: predict 1-0 but the result is 2-0 you get 6 points

These are non cumulative so if you get the correct score you only get the 10 points (not 14 in the case of correctly predicting a draw).

Bonus Points
We are also giving a bonus point if you correctly predict the number of goals for a team – example: you predict 3-0 but the result is 3-1 you will get 6 points for the win, plus 1 bonus point for the correct 3 goal prediction.

We will be looking at the leader board at various times throughout the tournament and awarding spot prizes for those who score well.

Head over to our entry page now and submit your predictions. You can join in at anytime for a chance to win a prize.

Here’s the leaderboard, see how you are doing.