My name’s Lee, and I’m the tipster here at Free Footy Tips.

I just wanted to congratulate on the smart move to join our community and start getting my free football tips – your weekends will never be the same again!

You can expect a couple of emails a week from me (don't worry, I won't be trying to flog you little blue pills on a daily basis!) – I send out the weekend tips at about 9am on a Friday, and if there are matches midweek, you should hear something from me then too.

If there’s something else really juicy, I’ll make sure you hear about it too.

As you’d probably guess, I watch a lot of football.

(I’d be a pretty crap tipster if I didn’t.)

And because we offer tips on football all over the world, I’ve ended up being a fan of several teams from different countries.

In Germany, my team’s Wolfsburg.

Not because I’m particularly fond of any of their players, their style or even their kit, but because of their history.

If you didn’t know, Wolfsburg started as the football team for Volkswagen workers, and as a big fan of campervans, it was enough for me to pledge allegiance.

I spent my first couple of football supporting years as a Man City fan.

They weren’t great back then, and few wet nights at Maine Road quickly made me question my allegiance.

It was Easter Monday 1984, and a 3-2 loss against Huddersfield that finally broke me.

The game was awful – two teams lumping the ball up the pitch, and I came home ready to give up on football entirely.

And that was when my Grandad stepped in.

“You do know there’s another team in Manchester, don’t you?”

Whilst I’d heard of United, I knew pretty much naff all about them, but over the next few days, I learnt everything I needed to.

Big Ron was the boss in those days, Sparky was in his pomp, and to be honest, it was a pretty easy transition.

They say you can’t choose your team, and I definitely couldn’t now, but I did then.

And a few months later, when I moved up into Lancashire, I was glad I did.

The first question at my new school?

“Are you a Red or a Blue?”

Whether you’re a Red, or a Blue doesn’t matter (as long as you’re not that horrible Tiger-print that Hull City wore in in the nineties!) – you’re amongst friends here at Free Footy Tips – we’ve built a real community here of footy fans, who love to have a bet alongside the game.

That’s what we’re all here for, isn’t it!

Be lucky!




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