Pick 6 selections are coming in nicely and there's still time to get your selections in for it if you're VIP.

The six games that are featured this weekend's Pick 6 are as follows:

  • Bournemouth v Spurs
  • West Ham v Southampton
  • Wolves v Fulham
  • Cardiff v Crystal Palace
  • Newcastle v Liverpool
  • Chelsea v Watford (Sunday)

My selections are in and just on the result alone, it's a tasty 211/1!

Not a lot of love for Bournemouth in the early game, with pretty much every selection on a 2-1 win for Spurs. Next up is the West Ham v Southampton game and is a bit of a mixed bag of predictions, but it's a West Ham win that stands out.

Fulham will be enjoying Championship football next season and a Wolves win here is pretty much the banker from the Pick 6 predictions.

Cardiff could be joining Fulham if they don't pull their finger out and everything is pointing towards a 2-1 win for Palace.

In the late game, a Liverpool win looks a certainty and both 2-1 and 3-1 to Liverpool look the most favoured scorelines.

Onto Sunday and I've picked out the Chelsea v Watford game for the sixth and final game to choose your selections. All but one person has selected a Chelsea win here today and a 2-1 win is favoured by over 40% of you.

Good luck if you've entered the Pick 6 comp and remember, backing all the correct results is a nice 211/1 and if you back all the correct scores I've chosen it's a massive 772,199/1 at bet365!

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