What is Both Teams to Score

The Both Teams to Score (BTTS) market is one of the latest in a long list of new football betting opportunities that is sweeping the nation at the minute. It’s easily one of the most exciting markets to bet on as it doesn’t require a punter to pick which team they think will win the tie, merely which games they think will include goals.

Whilst it seems pretty straight forward, there is actually a fair amount of strategy involved in this system to pick winners. This is something we will touch on later on in this article.

The concept is simple; choose a game where you think both teams will grab a goal. The result of the match doesn’t really matter as all you need for your selection to pay out is both teams, in the game that you have selected, to score.

The most common form of betting with these types of games is often in an accumulator. This means you choose more than one selection to increase the odds and essentially the pay-out of any winnings. The more games you include on your coupon will yield higher results, but this does add to the difficulty in picking games in the first place. As soon as the game includes a goal from both teams then that result is a ‘lock’ and whatever happens in the rest of the match doesn’t take any relevance to your result.